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This site was built from scratch using Python and Django as the web framework. It uses south for database migrations. Flatpages for a few select pages like this one. To easily enable tag management in the blog, I selected the reusable app django-tagging. To enable CDN support for the blog and make content load very quickly, I am using the cumulus package to integrate with Rackspace Cloud files.

The site uses many features of Django to easily put everything together. It uses the admin site for editing content. The comments framework is in use for the comments section throughout the site. It uses the generic views to display all blog information. The generic views use custom tags and filters I built to render specific information. The Atom feeds are generated using the syndication feed framework.

As you can see Django is quite powerful and has plenty of resources to assist developers in building websites and web applications.

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Names Kevin, hugely into UNIX technologies, not just Linux. I've dabbled with the demons, played with the Sun, and now with the Penguins.

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Do you require the services of a Django contractor? Do you need both a website and hosting services? Perhaps I can help.

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