Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Deployed Uarica on OpenShift

You may have heard of a cloud hosting provider called RedHat OpenShift. I just spend a few hours moving a Django app from my Rackspace Cloud server over there. It was a website I recently deployed, so no data needed to be migrated. First, I needed to move the source code into a GIT repository, which was very easy for the most part. I also needed to change the settings.py and create a setup.py file, easy enough. Once I ran git push, the site was online fairly quickly... Except for the static files. I spend a couple hours attempting to get static files to work with RedHat's OpenShift platform, with no success. I went through their documentation, the forums, and finally their IRC channel. There was no hope in sight. In the end, I used the Django-cumulus package to copy all the static files to my Rackspace CloudFiles account and pointed the STATIC_URL there and was done with it.

So after much frustration with static files, the site is now live and working under RedHat's service. You can see it live here: Uarica.com. I plan on putting out a tutorial for deploying a Django app using their service, my current tutorial doesn't show enough on how to get it working right, especially with static files, which is the most trickiest part of hosting a Django app it seems.

Comment #1: Posted 8 years, 6 months ago by Steve

This tutorial should help you with your static resources.
Let me know if it helps - I didn't write it but I highly recommend it.


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