Friday, April 5th, 2013

Source code released for my Django PIM suite

Not sure how many of you were following my previous blog post about a bunch of Django apps I built for my own personal use. I have finally released the source code into BitBucket. Here's a short copy and paste recap of what you can find:

PCBank AKA myFinance
This is a personal budgeting system which I have created, it has matured a lot throughout the past few months. I originally created it in October of 2011, as using a spreadsheet to keep track of all my expenses grew tedious. It can also manage roommates, and split bills accordingly. This is my most used app out of all of the apps I created. It also has an RSS and JSON interface for third party applications to fetch data. I use the RSS for a Live Bookmark to easily access all my online banking websites from my browser toolbar. I use the JSON interface with a mobile app I created so that I can easily check my bank balances on the go without needing to actually sign into my online bank website on an insecure wireless network.
This app was created in recent months to keep track of my many projects I do. It keeps track of individual projects, which I can jot down notes about each one. I can create goals under each project and assign a due date for them. This makes seeing all my workload and upcoming goals easy to browse, and add personal notes to.
Sort of an extension to myProjects above, as it keeps track of my various servers I run and operate. It sorts the servers by hosting provider. Then under each server, I can list the various applications which the server runs. Makes it easy to know where everything is located in my infrastructure.
django-pim Source code

Let me know what you think, all of these use Bootstrap for theming and some of them have APIs such as iCalendar, RSS, and JSON. PCBank was developed a very long ago, and some of the programming practices in there need some updating. I have included an svnlog.txt file in each app's directory so you can see just how each project grow since 2011. Yes, you heard me... 2011 was one of the early commits.

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