Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Django development with Eclipse

I recently started using Eclipse for both my Python and Django projects. I have to say, that this IDE has come along way to when I first tackled it for Python development.

Setting it up at first was a little tedious, but once everything was setup, it works like a dream. It provides really nice syntax highlighting, and code completion. It even auto adds import statements for me, letting me focus on my code, rather than remembering where all my packages need to be imported from. My code now looks much more cleaner, and is easier to manage. With the built-in Team support, it allows me to easily sync my code between multiple machines, and upload my code for easy deployment.

Here are some really good articles to get you started, I don't see a point in me rewriting what these authors wrote:

Best of all, you can even use my new Instant Django download for Windows release with the Windows version of Eclipse to get up and running with a new Django project. Just tell Eclipse where the Instant Django python.exe is, and it will scan through all the packages.

Comment #1: Posted 9 years, 6 months ago by Fabio Zadrozny

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to note that if you use Aptana Studio (as in the first link: Getting Started using Python in Eclipse), you don't need that separate plugin (the Django Editor link you added), as Aptana Studio has a builtin Django editor already (Aptana is a superset which includes PyDev and other plugins, such as a django editor plugin, html, css, javascript, etc).



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