Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Planet Python now available on Gopher

In additional efforts to revive the yet to be dead Gopher protocol. I have created a Python script which I can either run manually or by using a cron job, which aggregates RSS feeds into a Gopher friendly format. This can enable browsers such as Lynx to easily read RSS feeds without requiring a separate RSS reader or by downloading huge amounts of data over HTTP. What more, is that all the articles it aggregates are all archived in Gopherspace, so they will always be available even if the blog hosting it dies. This is the advantage is not using a live feed. This act alone will immensely increase the overall content and information available over the Gopher protocol. Each day, there are more than 10 new Python articles. All these articles will also soon be indexed by the Gopher search server Veronica, adding to it's overall knowledge of information.

Adding new RSS feeds is as simple as updating a standard Python list, so as a result, I also added other Planet feeds, such as Debian and KDE. Over time, I will add more interesting feeds that Gopher users would like to be-able to read from the comfort of a lightweight text-based browser. I have not yet decided if I will open source the script or not. I'd personally like to clean it up before the public eye sees it.

For the moment, the script is run as a cron job once daily early in the morning hours, so while you are drinking your coffee and eating breakfast, you can open up Lynx or Overbite on your Android phone to quickly catch up on the latest Python, Debian, and KDE news.

I will provide both the Gopher link and a link that goes through my own proxy for your convenience:

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