Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

At long last, PythonDiary is running Django 1.3

Yes, you heard me correctly. PythonDiary finally made the jump to Django 1.3 today! Expect the odd 500 error, which will be resolved promptly. There is no need to report the errors, as the tracebacks are quite obviously emailed to me directly, courtesy of Django's logger.

PythonDiary was running Django 1.2 for the longest time, limited to Django 1.2 technology. With the release of Django 1.5 approaching, it seemed necessary to upgrade the website to Django 1.3, then soon to Django 1.4. In the coming days, various components will be changed on the backend to make use of Django 1.3's new features over Django 1.2. The settings file will add many missing options introduced in Django 1.3.

Once everything is properly updated and confirmed to be working under Django 1.3, the upgrade process to Django 1.4 will begin, and this one will be most interesting since the project structure itself has changed. Each website component will be moved around into the new project layout, and missing files such as the file will be added.

So far there are no overly large issues with the move to Django 1.3, and the transition went rather smoothly.

Comment #1: Posted 8 years, 10 months ago by qcsky

Cannot sign in your blog using Open ID, only test Google account
show 502 Bad Gateway when sign in

Comment #2: Posted 8 years, 10 months ago by Kevin Veroneau

Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention. So far it seems to be isolated to Google's OpenID for some odd reason, it appears to work with my own personal OpenID. The error message means that it's not properly reaching the uWSGI server, as if it's rejecting it, not Django specific. I will need to research this issue further, perhaps it's the new versions of Nginx and uWSGI I recently deployed.

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