Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Source release: Hacker's Edge

Today marks the day that I am officially releasing the Hacker's Edge Django source code under the GPL license. I am doing this for a number of reasons. Firstly, working on such an ambitious project alone is making the development process become very slow. There are lots of currently registered users on Hacker's Edge, and well, they really can't do to much right now, and I am needing assistance to make this online game great. Secondly, since I no longer plan on going with my original intent of charging a monthly fee to play this game, it doesn't really matter if the source code is accessible now. Thirdly, opening the source code will allow it to be used for learning how Django works, especially it's class-based views.

If anyone is interested in helping out with making Hacker's Edge an awesome online hacking simulation game that many people from all around the world will want to play. Then download the source code on my BitBucket account and start hacking away at new ideas and features. The main feature that needs to be completed before the game can actually be playable is the missions. The source code was originally hosted on a private Subversion repository, and rather than providing the entire revision history, I am providing the Subversion log file.

The source code includes everything you should need to get a local Hacker's Edge instance running, you will need to create your own Django project, as a project is not included with the source code. The only component included with the source code is the online game itself, and the base.html template file. There is a basic settings.py file to explain what needs to be added to your project's settings.py file.

The source code is licensed under the GPL, this means that the code can be forked into new projects as long as that new project is also kept open source as well. However, I would prefer if all major development efforts are done on a single source tree rather than it's codebase bring forked a million times. If you want to see a new feature added, rather than forking into a new project, do a pull request and I will more than likely apply it to the main source code.

Hopefully by releasing this source code, Hacker's Edge can grow into something nothing less than amazing. After all, it will now be built using the views and ideas from much more people. Let's create something amazing here.

HackersEdge source code

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