Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Bought a new Desktop PC

Yesterday I ended up buying a new desktop PC, as my current laptop is almost on it's last legs. The new PC will enable me to more easily record my desktop for video tutorials and use virtual machines for various platform-specific testing. I am currently in the process of setting up all the partitions and software. The PC is also 64-bit, where I am more familiar with 32-bit machines, so this is going to be an interesting adventure.

The PC sports a rather nice Nvidia GeForce 315 GPU, so perhaps I might be-able to get into some OpenGL programming using Python. I hope to record my learning progress of OpenGL and Python on this blog for others can learn with me. For the record, I have very little experience in 3D programming, so look forward to some interesting Python 3D programming sites in the Bookmarks page.

The Nvidia GeForce 315 also supports Nvidia's 3D vision technology, so as soon as I am able to obtain a 3D-compatible monitor(any 120Hz monitor will work), I hope to use Python and OpenGL to create some interesting Stereoscopic images.

Unlike my laptop configuration which has the entire drive dedicated to Debian Linux. This new PC will have a Windows 7 partition, alongside my usual Debian partition. This will allow me to try out various Windows-based Python libraries, and to compare performance in both Linux and Windows.

Since the PC supports a nice GPU, I hope to get around to learning Kivy soon, as this Python toolkit looks very promising, especially for Android tablet development.

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