Friday, February 10th, 2012

Tutorials section having issues

The Tutorials section is having some technical difficulties, as I have previously added 2 more tutorials. The tutorials are not showing up despite the published date being set correctly. I find this odd as the other 2 tutorials work just fine, it's just these 2 new ones which are very reluctant to show up and be accessible.

I altered the publishing date to today, so hopefully they show up this time. If not, I will need to dive into the Python source code to find out why they are not showing up.

Overall, I am rather happy with the rest of the sites sections, although the template needs to be redone. I plan on looking for another similar template, but one which scrolls better to support multiple screen sizes. A mobile template is also planned for those out there who read the site on a mobile device. I assume most of my subscribers are using the provided Atom feeds, as it contains the entire posting, and should be compatible with most popular news readers.

The Reviews section will be built shortly, as this is one section I hope will bring plenty of traffic. The review section is a bit ambitious, as it will differ from other sites which mostly do comparisons between packages. It will be formatted something like a CNet review. It will have the same general information, such as the The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line. The Review will also list any dependencies the package would require. The dependency system will be similar to how the Tutorials section dependencies work, a simple clickable link to each dependency, full with description and project website.

What are your thoughts on this type of review system for Python packages? Reviews will take time, as I will need to spend a good amount of time working with the package and it's various features to determine it's ability to deliver. I've seen both great and not so great python packages out in the wild. The not so great ones are very difficult to use in existing projects, and some have issues with subclassing, or don't properly support it. Integration into existing projects is a valuable resource for any Python package. If it cannot be easily integrated into your existing project, then why use it in the first place? The time it would take you to integrate it, you could have built a similar package from scratch that is more fine tuned to your projects specific needs.

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