Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Open source hacking simulation game engine

Did you ever want to create your own text-based hacking simulation game that can run over telnet or in a web browser to share with friends? Now you can! Introducing an easy to use and expand open source hacking simulation game engine, the first of kind(I think). I licenses the game engine itself under the GNU Public License 2, so that many unique games can be made from the engine, while making every game made forkable. So... You release a new hacking simulation game, and another guy wants to expand on your ideas and make an even better experience. Your game can be easily forked, and enhanced by the next person. This process can continue until the Internet is littered with hundreds of cool micro hacking simulation puzzle games. Since it runs through telnet and uses very little resources, it's easy to place in any environment and forget about it. Here is the current example game that ships with the engine:

The server located here will only accept at maximum of 5 concurrent connections, so if you experience a connection issue, try again after a couple minutes once the last person finished. You can also connect to the game via telnet: [].

As with the rest of my open source projects, this one is also located on my Bitbucket page: Hack RUN Open Source engine

The source code is also a nice demonstration of how to build a functional telnet server using the standard asynchat module. So, if you were ever curious about this module or think twisted might be a bit too much, then give asynchat a shot, it's really nice to work with once you get to know it. I built this entire engine in a single days work.

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