Sunday, March 10th, 2013

The Right Tools for the Job

Ever confused on what to use for your next big project? With so many choices in programming languages and frameworks out there, it's turning into a difficult and time consuming decision This can often lead to delays in your project starting or sometimes even not starting at all. Let me shed some light on this issue, in the most unbiased way I can.

First lets go through a few key points you want to look at when choosing a programming language and framework:

Do you require a heavily customizable solution?
If all your building is a blog or a simple run of the mill home page for your business, then you really don't need to think too much. There is a large amount of pre-existing software already out on the market for these purposes. However, you may wish to think ahead and imagine what future requirements you might have.
Do you except lots of traffic?
This is a big one. You don't want to get bad PR because your website is constantly down. You may wish to consider a solution that scales easily, or look into cloud based solutions.
Maintainable code is a must for any large project
If you are working on a large project, you will want to choose both a language and framework that will allow you to have clean code, and which makes it easy to find what you need in the source code come time to edit it.
Third party library support
Depending on what you are building, you should look through the available libraries to see if it has everything you know you will need during development. Utilizing third party libraries can save lots of development time.
Is your project data-driven or static?
For projects that use heavy data-sets, you should use a database server that best supports the data you are storing. You should also consider data migrations as well, since at any point in your projects lifetime, you will more than likely need to add new fields to an existing table. Without a proper migration path, things can really break.
Do you require specific single sign-on requirements?
Depending on the company you are working for, you may need to use a single sign-on system for employees accessing the intranet website. You should choose a language and framework that works with your companies current model.

With all these considerations out of the way, you should have a slightly better idea about what you need for your project. As noted above, sometimes an existing solution may already existing in a hosted form, such a blogging software, petition, or poll. There's no need to re-invent the wheel, if an existing solution will work for your particular needs.

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