Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Only in a perfect world

I envision an different Internet of the future. Many people must admit what the current state of our Internet has become, on most websites, it is a billboard of advertisements. Content producers these days seem to lack the notion that content can be provided without any catches to their end-users. Devices such as your smartphone, and TV connected media boxes are also full of advertisements, and it's starting to seem that there are more advertisements than actual content being churned out. Advertisements for one can cause ADD-like symptoms, take a young kid watching his favorite cartoon on TV, as soon as the commercials begin, his attention from that TV show is immediately gone, and now on something else. This is basically training our brain, especially for younger people, while the brain is still developing, this can cause long term problems, such as ADD.

If you walk into a typical American home, I am sure the first thing most people will notice is that everyone is glued to some sort of screen. While watching TV, they are also texting, browsing the web, and of course playing Angry Birds. Don't get me wrong, I love technology too, this blog is an obvious indicator. The point is that these people are unable to keep their attention on a single task for more than a few minutes.

The Internet I hope to see in the future is one which is void of massive amount of advertising, where the content providers have other means to support their content or website. Websites do not cost a large amount of money to run and operate, if done properly. In some cases, hosting can be completely free. This blog does cost me money each month to keep up and running, as do the other websites I operate on the same servers. I opt out of using ads also for a better end-user experience. I also spent no money on advertising this website and relied on existing media to find an audience. I posted the website on multiple website I own and operate, where appropriate. A link on my twitter feed, a few Python groups, and of course Planet Python. I do not track my users via privacy invading methods such as Google Analytics, but rather use the Google Webmaster tools and a simple counter which I only see on a few content items. Webmaster tools explains to me who is linking to me, and how people are finding me. The simple counters see which content is more popular than others, so that I can provide more similar content to my readers. The only externally linking tool I use, is Google's +1 system. Google webmaster tools also keeps track of which articles have the most +1's. Google webmaster tools uses GoogleBot's technology to obtain all the information, and nothing for this even touches an end-user's cookie jar. Which brings me to my next point of what I envision the future Internet to be.

The Internet of the future should be really fast, where a click doesn't require any waiting for a page to load. Multimedia content may be the only exception here. If websites are developed properly, and hopefully free of advertisements, the website will naturally be fast. Take my websites for example, they load at incredible speeds. Most people I display my work to, the first thing they notice is the sheer speed of my websites. Each click they make, the next page appears almost instantaneous. This is how I envision the entirety of the Internet to be in the future.

In a future project I am planning something very exciting for all Python web developers out there. Since I am working a full-time job, paying for hosting of this website, and have many ideas for new projects. I need a method to provide myself with time and money to further development of my projects and focus on them and this blog. In my future projects, I hope to make a statement online, by offering services for free with no advertising. An idea I recently thought about can help provide me with this. I will be releasing more details in the near future.

In conclusion, only in a perfect world, will we ever have the perfect Internet. I hope with my future projects, I can at least make a small dent in how the Internet currently operates.

Comment #1: Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Benjamin

I hope the irony of your advertisement for Google tools in paragraph 3, tools which are paid for by advertisements (97% of GOOG's revenue), isn't lost on you.

Comment #2: Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Joe

"by offering services for free with no advertising"

In addition to what Benjamin said, what do you think "offering services" (or products) is, even if they're "free"? In case you're wondering, here's a definition of advertising from the American Heritage Dictionary: the action of attracting public attention to a product or business.

Comment #3: Posted 6 years, 1 month ago by Kevin Veroneau

Thank you for the comments.

The main point of the article was how slow ads can make the Internet, mainly flash ads and such. If a web browser doesn't need to load any ads, the website being rendered will naturally render faster, leaving the end-user with a more fluid browsing experience. I sometimes find websites with excessive ads, and thought I would write an article about all the possible negatives advertising has as a whole.

The idea for the article formed from Xbox 360, where even gold members suffer with adverts. You would think paying for premium services, that the ads would not be necessary. Most services remove ads if you being to pay for the service.

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