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  • Create an invite only website

    Added on Friday the 10th of February

    This tutorial will go through the steps of creating an "invites" app for Django, which can be then used on any Django website for an invite-only situation.

  • Working with Pyjamas and Dajaxice

    Added on Friday the 10th of February

    This short tutorial explains how to call Djaxice functions directly from Pyjamas and use the returned context.

  • Add an AJAX powered quick search to any django site

    Added on Thursday the 16th of February

    Do you have a Django website with a large Knowledgebase? Do you want to make this knowledgebase easily searchable from any page on your site with a fancy jQuery auto-complete box? This tutorial has your solution!

  • Django 1.3 Generic views and extra_context

    Added on Tuesday the 27th of March

    A very short tutorial about how to easily implement an 'extra_context' variable for your generic views in Django 1.3 and higher.

  • Making Django Templates work for you

    Added on Friday the 13th of April

    There are many complains about how limited the Django Template engine is, I thought this originally. After using the engine more and learning about it's powerful tag creation system, now I see otherwise. I now view template engines which embed an actual scripting language into the template as a bad programming practice and embrace how templates are built in Django. Learn why in this tutorial.

  • Django Tutorial: Introduction

    Added on Sunday the 15th of April

    This is the first part of a Django tutorial which will go through building a simple wiki. This introduction will explain how to install Django and start a project.

  • Django and AJAX: Dajaxice

    Added on Monday the 16th of April

    A introductory tutorial to Django and AJAX. This tutorial will focus on just Dajaxice, and not Dajax. Dajaxice is portable between backend frameworks and does not depend on any JavaScript framework.

  • Django and AJAX: jQuery

    Added on Tuesday the 5th of June

    This tutorial will focus on using Django with pure jQuery, and making use of Class-based views. This tutorial will introduce something I like to call a dual-view. A single view with multiple output formats.

  • Django and AJAX: Dajax

    Added on Sunday the 10th of June

    Dajax enables you to build web applications using only Python code and HTML, with little to no JavaScript required.

  • AJAX-enabled Comments

    Added on Monday the 30th of July

    Need an easy and non-intrusive method of preventing spam using django.contrib.comments framework? I got your solution right here.

  • Getting started with RedHat's OpenShift

    Added on Tuesday the 28th of August

    Looking for an affordable way to get started in cloud computing? Look no further than RedHat's OpenShift platform.

  • Massive Python hosting with uWSGI: Django

    Added on Saturday the 27th of October

    In the previous tutorial, I explained how to prepare a server with uWSGI and Nginx to work with Massive Python application hosting. This tutorial continues this and explains how to configure this solution to work with various versions of Django.

  • Easy as pie Ajax with Django and Bootstrap

    Added on Sunday the 7th of April

    Need a quick and effortless way to Ajax enable your Django and Bootstrap website? Look no further than bootstrap-ajax.

  • Simple CRUD App in Django

    Added on Sunday the 19th of May

    This tutorial will explain how to create a super quick data-driven application using Django 1.5.

  • Permission based CRUD app in Django

    Added on Monday the 20th of May

    Still confused on how to use Django's built-in permission system? Look no further than this tutorial to get you up and running quickly! You will need nothing more than Django and maybe South if you want smooth Database migrations.

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